When you have invested in a beautiful new pair of shoes, it is really important to look after them to ensure they look continue to look great for as long as possible.

We recommend using a waterproof spray on your shoes immediately to help protect them, as well as shielding them from dirt.  We suggest you do so on a regular basis.  To nourish your shoes we recommend using a leather conditioner.

We also advise you alternate between shoes on a very regular basis to give any moisture in the shoes a chance to dry out naturally,​ which will also help prolong the life of those gorgeous shoes.  

Be sure to take your shoes to a trusted cobbler when required!


  • SUEDE / NUBUCK LEATHER: Waterproof spray both shoes.  If they require cleaning you can use a suede shampoo and a soft rubber suede brush.
  • PATENT LEATHER:  Use a patent leather product to moisturise and nourish the shoes patent coating.
  • ​NAPPA (MATT) LEATHER:  Waterproof spray both shoes.  When required, use shoe conditioner to nourish the leather and remove dirt.  If scuffed use a matched colour polish.
  • ​FUR / HAIR:  This leather is a delicate material.  Waterproof spray both shoes to ensure they are kept clean and to help hold their colouring.  Please be aware that some fur / hair products may naturally malt a little - wearing items that rub on the hair may make it go bald, as may driving whilst wearing them. 
  • LEATHER SOLES: Leather soles are a bit of shoe luxury, these babies will mould beautifully to your feet as the leather softens.  However once the soles have moulded nicely to your feet we strongly recommend you have a quality rubber sole placed over the top of the leather - this will also help to stop you slipping on wet surfaces as well as prolonging the life of the shoes. Your local Cobbler should be able to help you.

Please also note that general wear & tear or damage that occurs when you wear footwear is not considered to be a fault.  This includes scuffing, damage to the finish of heels, staining / marks on leather to name a few.  We liken footwear to car tyres! Wear and tear is normal!