Hi there,

What is an essential item for the individual person varies greatly so please be kind in your judgements surrounding this.  Please note the items listed in this collection have been deemed to be 'Essential warm items' by the MBIE and they are also what our team consider to be essential.  We are registered as a provider of essential goods with MBIE.

When we packed our stock away for protection before the lockdown we actually moved it all to our WINK HQ, which is attached to Lenore's home.  You may or may not know that all our online orders are dispatched from our HQ, they always have been, so our systems are already existing ones.  This is nothing new or different for us except Lenore's doing it on her own without her wonderful staff.  We do not need to leave our property in order to fulfil your order, our couriers have a separate entrance from our residence and there will be no contact whatsoever in the collection of these items.  Every care and attention will be taken as per the guidelines and requirements of the government in order to do this.

If you order other items at the same time that are not considered to be an Essential item (i.e. heels, summer shoes or clothing) then these items will be sent once the lockdown is lifted.  There is currently no charge for shipping - it's all on us.  If you would prefer to not have your item (from this Winter Essentials Collection) couriered until after the lockdown please add a note at the checkout.  Please also ensure you select an address where the item can be safely delivered, for example where your bubble is! 

Keep safe beautiful people, be kind and thoughtful.  

Love, Lenore x


We promise to only send the occasional email!